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Why should I stage my home before selling?

Short answer:

staged homes sell, on average, quicker and for more money than their unstaged neighbors.

We know this from our twenty-years experience in the real estate industry and the feedback we get from our clients.


Longer answer:

Look at all the listings of all the top producing agents in your market. Are the majority of their homes staged? Yes.

Why is this? Top producing agents know that buying a home is as emotional as it is rational. Staging helps prospective buyers fall in love.



Vacant Homes 

In vacant homes, empty rooms feel cold and prospective buyers can struggle to visualize where furniture can go.


Staging creates an inviting, contemporary space. It actually makes rooms feel bigger by defining spaces which creates depth and perspective in photos.

Check out our Before and After galleries!


Occupied Homes

In occupied homes prospective buyers struggle to visualize themselves in homes filled with other people’s belongings! They become distracted with family photos, or that “interesting piece of art” or the current homeowners book collection and miss what they are there to see, the home!


That is why creating a clean, modern and open environment with staging allows prospective buyers to see a home at its best.

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Will staging my home really help my home sell for more money?

I like the way one of our more analytical clients put it, “I generally believe that staging gets me five times what I pay. So if I pay $1,200 for staging I feel confident that I can add about $6,000 to the listing price.”

 From a monetary perspective we see staging as easy money made, but more importantly staging creates a clean, simple and attractive environment that will appeal to a huge percentage of your perspective home buyers.


Instead of waiting for a buyer who can see the potential in your home, staging shows every buyer the potential in your home from the first viewing.


Do not leave the sale of one of your biggest assets up to the imagination of prospective buyers!


First impressions are key to getting the most for your home!

What do you mean you’re a “minimal” home stager?

We describe ourselves as minimal stagers because we avoid too many accessories.


We believe the vast majority of homes simply need their rooms defined with furniture, light accessories (plants, throw pillows, lamps, etc) and artwork. You will not find any place-settings on tables or champagne glasses next to the tub in our staged homes.

See more photos of our work.

Using your furniture VS. Using staging furniture

I never know what to expect when I walk into a staging consultation. Often homeowners are overwhelmed and just happy to have someone help them get their home ready to sell.

More often, homeowners take are personally offended by my recommendation to put in storage their three huge oak dressers or their $8,000 couch. 

I promise I am not judging you your style. I am not insinuating my stuff is "better" than yours. Keep in mind, that $8,000 couch might actually distract prospective buyers from what they are there to see, the house!


The way you stage a home for sale is not the same as the way you live in your home. We even stage our personal homes before we have sold, in the past. 

When it comes to selling a home the key is to appeal to the largest number of prospective buyers, that means removing your personal style and replacing with clean and simple furniture and accessories that appeals to the masses.


Remember we want to highlight the home, and use furniture to define the space without drawing attention away from the home.


 It’s not about personal style, it’s about creating a marketable product.

What should I do with my furniture when you stage my home?​

The most common solutions are either a Pod or a storage unit. Our moving partners, My Moving Guy, are available for hire to help load up your Pod or move items to storage for you.


After the consultation we will supply you with a detailed list of what items should be packed and which should be left.


The way we see it you're going to have to pack sometime. By packing before your house hit the market you're actually making money from packing!

How much does home staging cost?

What does the home staging price include?

How long can I keep the home staging package?

Our price includes your staging for 60-days from the day of staging. 


After the initial 60-days the agreement automatically moves to a month-to-month rental agreement. This means you will be charged rental fee for your staging package. We do not prorate rental fees.

If you choose not to rent the staging furniture you must notify us at least three business days before your 60 days expire, so we may coordinate unloading. 

Rental fees are based on the amount of furniture being rented but are generally $495. This fee will be listed on the initial quote, so there are no surprises.

For reference, last year 83 of the 96 houses staged closed before ever paying a rental fee. 

We also do not bill for rentals until you request staging removal so you may pay any rental fees out of closing!

Why do I have to pay in advance of staging?

We love staging and furnishing homes in decor that best suits it. That means we often look for a special pieces just for your home.


Also, during our peak we stage five to seven days a week and your payment holds your spot. In the event of a cancellation you will receive a refund.


Please review our Cancellation Policy.

Can I buy the staging furniture?

Of course! We are happy to sell staging furniture. We usually will offer to order the same item (just new) through our storefront Focal Point Home Design Center.


If you don’t want to wait and don’t mind the wear-and-tear that results from being moved frequently we will happily sell the staging pieces. 

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