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Moving Zone Map


Moving costs are one of the biggest variable costs in our business. Instead of charging everyone a higher mark-up, we add moving fees based on distance from our warehouse.

The majority of the city of Boise is included in the base price, no additional moving fee. 


This fee includes our time and travel to consult, stage and then unload. It adds up!

Please use the map below to determine if your staging project will include a moving fee.

Zone 1 - (Inside the blue circle) - Included in Essential Stage Price 


Zone 2 - (Inside the green circle) - + $69


Meridian (W of Eagle Rd.)

SE Boise  (Beyond S of Amity or Beyond Barber Park)

SW Boise (South of Overland, W. of Cole)

Zone 3 - (Inside the orange circle) -  + $109

Meridian ( W of Ten Mile)


Eagle (W of Linder, N of Beacon Light)

Zone 4 - (Inside the red circle) - + $149


West Star 

Southwest Kuna

Zone 5 - (inside the black circle) - + $20

West, Southwest Nampa



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