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Pre-Sale Consultation

How to Prepare

Why we do what we do…

We are committed to helping homeowners maximize the return on investment for their home. 

We continue to do what we do because many homeowners do not know the power that strategic updating and staging can have on the sales price of their home. 

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge with homeowners so they can close on their home faster and leave the transaction with more money in their pocket than they would have listing as-is.

How to prepare for your consultation.

Please keep an open mind.

  • It’s not personal

  • The goal is to appeal to the largest number of prospective buyers. Which means no strong style or personal touches. 

Example: I think I have great personal style and decor in my home. I still staged my own house before selling, because its about mass appeal and an immediate feeling that is not distracting from the main event, the home itself. 


Most prospective buyers:

  • When walking through homes prospective buyers are deterred by “a project” standing between them and their “happiness”.

  • The more move-in ready a house is, the quicker it will sell. 

  • Homeowners struggle to imagine furniture in a space. Showing them how to use the space, even if it’s not how they will use it, removes a barrier from them seeing themselves there. 

  • When a home’s first impression is airy and clean buyers will be more likely to look for other things they like about the home and overlook wear-and-tear. 

  • They tend to act on “feeling” and are far more likely to have a good feeling about the home if you’ve removed yourself from it. 

  • These steps create the space for buyers to imagine themselves there. 


Pre-Packing is Essential!

  • You’re going to have to pack everything up eventually. 

  • If you do it ahead of time:

    • Your home will look bigger

    • Buyers will be better able to see themselves living there.

    • Reduce stress after you’ve accepted an offer. 

  • Start thinking about what you realistically need to live for the next 1-3 months.


Do it right the first time!

  • Presenting a strong listing allows you to come in at the top of the market.

  • More likely to get multiple offers as opposed to just hoping to get an offer. 


Good Luck!

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